Best DEWALT DCK211S2 Tools Combo Kit Review

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This is my third attempt at owning a compact drill/driver kit--I've owned the Bosch 10.8V and Milwaukee M12 combo kits previously and borrowed my tile setters Makita 10.8v kit, with the cool anvil type case, on lots of jobs. The Bosch and Makita have their place, but not in my lineup and the Milwaukee disappointed me so badly, I have realized they are not the manufactured they used to be, and I will most likely never buy a new Milwaukee tool again.

When I bought my first compact kit, I was hoping to find a drill that was light, easy on the shoulder (if you've ever tried to use an 18v XRP drill with a fully extended arm and your older than 24, you know what I'm saying) and small enough to navigate in tight places. I needed a drill for doing trim outs, removing appliances, installing fixtures and just general light duty work.

The problem a professional contractor will soon discover, these small drivers/impactors are so convenient and easy to use; you will start pushing them to their limit quickly and get frustrated with the lack of power.

The key to being successful with one of the small kits, you have to recognize they will not and cannot compete with the 18v tools, and none of the compact driver kits I have owned will drive 3" screws successfully (I typically screw my framing on small remodels and basement build outs, so I have a bit of experience here).

This DeWalt kit has the best power and balance combination of the kits I've used. It will not fit into as tight of a spot as the Bosch and Makita, but it has the minimum power this contractor can live with.

I have used the DeWalt on two jobs this month.

I installed new kitchen cabinets (20 boxes) and absolutely enjoyed using the impact driver for driving the wall screws and the drill for the drilling and screwing the boxes together, and I'm absolutely positive, using the drill to install the hardware will be a joy.

Also, I just completed the demo and electrical rough in on a small remodel and I found myself reaching for the 12v more than the 18v.

My only real complaint, there is no bit storage on the tool. You don't realize what you've got till it's gone :)

You won't use these for framing, and cant drill tile and concrete or set Tapcons(no rotohammer setting), but for lighter work, this set is awesome.

Quick charge time, descent power and compact design gives this tool a permanent spot in my tool trailer.

This DeWalt kit is the best of what I've owned and used to date.

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